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About OCL (OCL) is an online resource center by campus event programmers, for campus event programmers - and anyone within six degrees of the college entertainment industry. Free for campus activities boards, planners can use as a forum for promoting upcoming events; tracking industry news and artist avails; researching event ideas, resources, and references; while directly communicating with industry peers. By creating a space specific to the college entertainment community, student concert planners, their advisors, artists, and professionals in the college entertainment business can come together to foster and support a thriving industry. 

The vision of veteran branded college tour producer Matthew Walt, our quest is to become the switchboard of campus programming worldwide. To grow OCL into the most comprehensive database possible, we subscribe to the FUBU method - i.e. our service is for you, by you (or perhaps more accurately: with you.) By signing up and becoming part of the OCL community, you help build the archive of campus entertainment – past, present, and future.

With your help, we look forward to building a resource that is educational, enjoyable, and enhances your college programming experience.