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Campus Comedy: My Top 4

Author Name: Sam Helm  

Published On March 11th, 2016

Eric O’Shea

Eric has one of the best comedy sets I’ve ever seen. He’s quick witted, plays with the crowd, and his Elmo impression is second to none. Eric has dominated student activities conferences as emcees, and it was here that I first came across him. After his first five-minute stint on stage it was clear that campus could only be better with a performance from him. It’s also worth mentioning that he’s unbelievably easy to work with. Gracious and low maintenance, he’s always worth a trip to campus.

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Roy Wood, JR

Roy Wood, Jr. is getting plenty of recognition for his role on The Daily Show, but he was crushing the college scene before that. Roy’s personality, authenticity, and deadpan delivery keep an audience riveted, as they wait to hear what he’s going to say next. From the perspective of an advisor, he’s phenomenal to work with, checks in with plenty of notice and makes day of show easy.

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Kevin Bozeman

Kevin was a repeat show when I worked in student activities. Kevin’s style of comedy treads a line that could make a more sensitive campus nervous, but if you follow the road he’s taking, you see it’s one of the smartest college acts out there. Using abrupt turns in his performance, an audience will get on Kevin’s level while he provides fascinating insight into controversial content while leaving an audience in stitches. Like Eric and Roy, Kevin couldn’t be easier to work with.

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Erin Jackson

Clever and undeniably hilarious, Erin Jackson was tremendous to have on campus. As another comedian I saw at a student activities conference, Erin was a stand-out. Instantly captivating an audience and immensely quotable, I still have people who saw her show drop her lines to me to elicit a chuckle. Her observational style and story telling are second to none, and she makes your job easy while she's on campus.

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Sam went to Colby College and was active in student programming. He has a degree in psychology, which he doesn't really use, and wound up working at Colby after graduating. He was the Asst. Dir. of Campus Life for 3 years before joining Articulate Entertainment and the Campus Events Network.