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The Resource Center offers an array of helpful content for music industry education. From pioneering organizations that are improving business, to companies focused on ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the forefront of the future of the industry, the resource center captures all the different entities and opportunities that are driving progress for live touring.


Published On March 23rd, 2021

Vision Statement

We envision a world in which the joy of making music is a precious element of daily living for everyone; a world in which every child has a deep desire to learn music and a recognized right to be taught; and in which every adult is a passionate champion and defender of that right.

Mission Statement

Founded in 1901, NAMM (National ....

Music Business Association

Published On March 23rd, 2021

The Music Business Association (Music Biz) is a not-for-profit trade association based in Marlton, New Jersey that seeks to promote overall growth in all areas of the global music business by hosting annual events, offering educational materials, and fostering engagement opportunities for its members.[1] Music Biz’s membership includes major & independent record labels, music retailers, distributors, streaming services, creatives, lawyers, and others involved in the sale of music ....


Author Name: OCL  

Published On March 23rd, 2021

The Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association (MEIEA®) is an international organization formed in 1979 to bring together educators with leaders of the music and entertainment industries.

The primary goal of MEIEA is to facilitate an exchange of information between educators and practitioners in order to prepare students for careers in the music and entertainment industries.

The purpose for which MEIEA is ....

Never Famous

Published On March 18th, 2021

Never Famous was developed by seasoned music industry experts to support entertainment tours and the staff that make it all happen, and to help diversify the entertainment industry as a whole. Tour groups, whether a band, festival, TV show or traveling Broadway musical, need diverse, competent staff members who are knowledgeable, willing and able to perform their tasks with a ....

Touring Professionals Alliance

Published On March 18th, 2021

The Alliance was started by a group of like-minded Tour and Production Managers who joined together to find ways to help our touring families as they struggle with unprecedented financial and emotional hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


We are still a community, and we are better together.  

This site is built by crew, for crew.



Author Name: CMA  

Published On March 18th, 2021

CMA EDU is a career development program offered to a select group of college students who have demonstrated a drive to succeed in the music industry.

Our programming, which consists of coveted mentorships and access to exciting, real-world music industry opportunities, empowers students to step into careers with composure, knowing they are supported by mentors, program leaders at CMA, and music ....

Show Makers

Author Name: Show Makers  

Published On March 17th, 2021

Show Makers is committed to supporting and uplifting event professionals. This platform was developed to share industry content, facilitate conversations, provide thought leadership, and showcase organizations that are dedicated to the live events community.

EVEN Network

Author Name: OCL  

Published On March 17th, 2021

EVEN seeks to create awareness of our incredible industry for those in the community who might be unaware of the adventures that a career in live entertainment can bring. Once interest is expressed in pursuing a career in live events, we help to provide education and mentorships to fuel the fire. Upon completion of training, ....

Event Safety Alliance

Author Name: OCL  

Published On March 17th, 2021

The Event Safety Alliance® (ESA) is dedicated to promoting “life safety first” throughout all phases of event production and execution. They strive to eliminate the knowledge barrier that often contributes to unsafe conditions and behaviors through the promotion and teaching of good practices and the development of training and planning resources.


Tour MGMT101

Published On March 18th, 2021

Tour Management 101 is an educational resource for anyone learning the ropes in the live events industry. We host a bi-weekly webinar on Zoom with industry pros and provide free material and templates on our website.