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The Resource Center offers an array of helpful content for music industry education. From pioneering organizations that are improving business, to companies focused on ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the forefront of the future of the industry, the resource center captures all the different entities and opportunities that are driving progress for live touring.

Going Green in 2019

Author Name: Sam Helm | OCL Editor  

Published On July 1st, 2019

It's 2019. Unless you live underground – or vote Republican – it's more than clear that combatting climate change is going to be a massive challenge for generations. Actions taken today will have lasting consequences, positively or negatively on the future of the global climate. The impending crisis is one that younger generations are acutely aware of, leading massive changes in consumer ....


Author Name: Jolene Chevalier  

Published On June 5th, 2017


I get this question quite often. Some people are a little embarrassed to ask the question, and others ....


Author Name: Jolene Chevalier  

Published On November 28th, 2016

As much as we would like to believe that every single live entertainment event sells out of tickets, the reality ....

The Importance of Capable Leaders in Programming Boards

Author Name: Alex Gray  

Published On March 8th, 2016

Each Spring, Programming Boards start to select their leadership for the following year. Students that are active in their programming boards, enthusiastic in the work, and across the board capable make the selection difficult, but always worthwhile. CEN Contributor Alex Gray is a perfect example. Check out a sample of her blog below and follow her to read more ....

Live Nation: Top 5 College Concerts (That Should Be Festivals)

Author Name: Live Nation  

Published On February 2nd, 2016

LiveNation offers up the top college concerts, that really should just become festivals

7 New Year Resolutions For Your Programming Board

Author Name: Jolene Chevalier  

Published On January 11th, 2016

In the spirit of the new year and making resolutions, here are 7 resolutions that your programming board members ought to consider:

Be a leader – As a member of your programming board, you have the power to influence decisions. It’s your job to have an opinion, so don’t be afraid to express it to the other members of your programming board.  Be ....

Entertainment Marketing 101: Targeting Incoming Freshmen

Author Name: Rachel Brassfield  

Published On September 2nd, 2015

Fall semester is HERE and with a new school year comes a new target market for college programmers: freshmen.

Special Events Emergency Planning Guide

Author Name: Boston College Emergency Management Program  

Published On December 29th, 2014

Planning for a special event can be difficult. Planning for the potential risks and hazards associated with a special event is even more difficult but essential to the event’s success. A special event is an activity within a community that brings together a large number of people (usually 500 or more). Emphasis is not placed on the total number of ....

10 Lessons Learned From Organizing a College Music Festival

Author Name: Kent Endsley - UCR  

Published On October 22nd, 2014

In 2006, the UC Riverside student union was asked to create a post-Homecoming event that would draw students to the basketball game.  After several months of collaboration, discussion, and something called “Deep Freeze”, Heat Music Festival was born.  The original event consisted of a main stage, headlined by Lupe Fiasco, and a small dance tent with a handful of DJs. ....

The 10 Commandments of Successful Programming at a Faith-Based Institution

Author Name: Alexandra Paterson - Suffolk University  

Published On October 22nd, 2014

The checklist for programming can sometimes feel unending and is filled with intricate details. This is especially true when programming at an institution that has a faith-driven mission. Programming at a faith-driven institution has its upsides and its pitfalls, just like any institution that has strong ties to their mission. The 10 Commandments below are great guidelines to understanding the ....