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The Resource Center offers an array of helpful content for music industry education. From pioneering organizations that are improving business, to companies focused on ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the forefront of the future of the industry, the resource center captures all the different entities and opportunities that are driving progress for live touring.

Painting the Picture of the Modern College Student

Published On April 7th, 2016

Colleges and universities across the United States continue to adapt to broad demographic changes across the United Sates. But what exactly are those changes? We've collected some broad demographic data to share, in an effort to paint a picture of the modern college student:

Total enrollment: 20.2 million students enrolled in degree granting institutions (NCES)

2-year Institution 4-year institution Undergraduate Post Baccalaureate Full Time Part ....

Making the Most of SXSW with Jackie Indrisano

Author Name: Jackie Indrisano  

Published On March 7th, 2016

In less than a month, some of you will be braving the greatest music cluster-fuck (that’s what it’s become) affectionately known as SouthbySouthwest or SXSW to you old schoolers.  It’s a wild combination of part daytime conference (does ANYONE go to these anymore?  HINT:  I do and you should) and part night time drunken scavenger hunt to make it to ....

The Laugh Button Interviews Vans Warped Tour Producer Kevin Lyman About the Warped Comedy Tent

Author Name: The Laugh Button: Mark Says Hi!  

Published On February 18th, 2016

Just off celebrating the 20th anniversary of its existence, the Vans Warped Tour welcomes a new addition to its scene. Comedy. This year will mark the start of a new tradition with the 2015 Vans Warped Tour Comedy Tent and we are psyched to be the official sponsor for its entirety this year. This is the brain child of Warped ....


Author Name: PollstarPro  

Published On January 29th, 2016

PollstarPro's Voices From the Trenches features Maria Brunner