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Highly Regarded On the Air, But Not On Campus - The Ongoing Plight of Political Correctness in Comedy on College Campuses

Author Name: Sam Helm  

Published On March 17th, 2016

Comic Mary Hirsch once said, "Humor is a rubber sword - it allows you to make a point without drawing blood." But has the college crowd become so thin skinned that even the rubber sword can now cause an audience to bleed?

As public debate surrounding comedy and free speech has become increasingly topical on campuses across the nation, The Atlantic Magazine seems to ....

Campus Comedy: My Top 4

Author Name: Sam Helm  

Published On March 11th, 2016

Eric O’Shea

Eric has one of the best comedy sets I’ve ever seen. He’s quick witted, plays with the crowd, and his Elmo impression is second to none. Eric has dominated student activities conferences as emcees, and it was here that I first came across him. After his first five-minute stint on stage it was clear that campus could only be ....