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How To Handle a Controversial Artist

Author Name: Jolene Chevalier  

Published On August 24th, 2016

You just confirmed your major artist for the year, they have a huge single on the charts, and you’re on top of the world.  After announcing the show, you are shocked to receive negative reactions to the announcement.  Students are up in arms about your artist choice in due to their misogynistic lyrics, recent offensive tweet, or arrest record.  

I have seen too many students in this situation let their excitement deflate like a balloon.  Here are a few tips for how to deal with and potentially avoid controversy.

1.DO YOUR RESEARCH.  Before choosing an artist for your campus, research them thoroughly.  Check their lyrics.  Listen to all of their music.  Look through their social media accounts.  Google search their name, their name plus “explicit,” and their name plus “arrested” or “trouble.”  The goal is to not be surprised later on.  I work with several schools that ask me for a list of potential controversy associated with an artist before submitting their offer...

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