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How to Reduce Food Waste on Show Day

Author Name: Jolene Chevalier  

Published On August 24th, 2016

After a show, your committee or hospitality chair gets the lovely task of cleaning out the dressing rooms, tossing any uneaten food, and restoring order to the backstage area.  As a former hospitality coordinator, I know that throwing out leftover food is devastating.  Follow these steps to reduce food waste from your shows:

1. Advance your hospitality thoroughly with the tour manager.  

Ask for an updated rider to make sure you have the most recent hospitality list.  Specifically ask the tour manager if anything can be eliminated from the list in order to reduce waste.  

2. Offer a meal buyout.  

Instead of providing dinner, pay an agreed upon amount per person for the performers to obtain their own dinner.  You can even propose an entire buyout for all snacks and meals, but keep in mind you should still provide beverages such as water, coffee and assorted soft drinks.  

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