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88 Rising: Be On The Lookout

Author Name: OCL Editor |  

Published On Oct 11th, 2018

In January of 2018, Nielsen recognized hip-hop as the most consumed form of music in the world, surpassing rock for the first time. On the road to that milestone, hip-hop has opened it's doors to performers from all backgrounds, ethnicities and creeds. With that explosion in talent base, we want to note the arrival of 88 Rising, a hip-hop collective made of performers of predominantly East Asian/Southeast Asian heritage. The goal of the collective, according to founder Sean Miyashiro is, "trying to represent for not only Asian immigrants, but for all immigrants." The collective is made up of Niki, Higher Brothers, Rich Brian, Joji, Kohh, August 08, and Don Krez. This super hot collective is performing on at theaters and clubs across the United States. Tickets can be found on their official website.