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Artist of the Week: Boys of Fall

Author Name: Brendon Schrock  

Published On Apr 9th, 2019


Pop punk is not dead. It may not be the most popular or most streamed music out there, but there is still a dedicated fanbase out there who hasn’t “grown out of the phase." I happen to be one of those people. Bands like blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Sum 41, Green Day and Fall Out Boy have dominated the genre and are still many of the bands I listen to today. However, there is a new wave of pop punk out there and one band that you need to know of comes from Detroit, Michigan. Let me introduce you to the Boys of Fall.

    Formed in 2011, Boys of Fall is a five membered band consisting of Michael Martenson (vocals), Jake Cemer (vocals/guitar), Dan Quigley (guitar), Eli Sleeker (bass) and Scott Solomon (drums). The band experimented with a few different sounds and band members before finalizing on the core five mentioned above and starting over with a different approach. Releasing singles and covers, the band began to gain some attention with a new twist on pop punk. They caught my ear in 2017 when I heard their cover of one of my favorite bands and songs: The 1975’s “Robbers.”

    After hearing that, I began to listen more to the rest of the Boys of Fall discography. In 2018, they released their first LP with InVogue Records, Better Moments. Being a kid from a small town in Ohio that no one really cares about unless you’re from there, the first lyrics of the album had me instantly hooked.

“I’m just a pissed off kid from a town that nobody really cares about.”

See? Pop punk isn’t dead. With tracks like “Something to Say,” “Bad Company,” and “Heartbreaker,” Boys of Fall is sure to be gaining even more popularity within the scene. They are on tour right now, with a show on April 10th, at the Donatos Basement in Columbus, Ohio. Luckily, they are coming to Lakewood, Ohio on April 11th at Mahall’s Locker Room where I will be in attendance. What do you say guys, meet and greet? See you Thursday!


In the meantime, check out the new LP from the Boys of Fall below.