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Famous Dex & Lil Pump Review

Author Name: Mishul | OCL Student Ambassador  

Published On Apr 11th, 2018

Mishul at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is an aspiring producer and artist. He's also got his finger on the pulse of top music. Check out his thoughts on Famous Dex & Lil Pump.


Famous Dex

Dexter Gore Jr. aka Famous Dex has been on the constant rise, making waves in the hip-hop scene over the past couple years. The Chicago native has his own colorful, unique style - a combination of raw energy, catchy flows & raunchy lyrics with a very diverse palate of production. 

Famous Dex just released his debut album - “Dex Meets Dexter” under his close Rich The Kid’s label Rich Forever/300.

The album features chart-topping tracks like “Pick It Up (feat. Asap Rocky)”, “Japan” and “Prove It”. Lookout for his upcoming tours!!

New Hot Songs by Famous Dex

Lil Pump

Lil Pump, the teenage-rap sensation has taken over the world with his catchy trap anthems like “Gucci Gang”, “D. Rose”, “Flex Like Oouuu” and many more chart-topping songs. Pump is only 17, and recently re-signed to Warner Bros for a whooping 8-million dollar deal. 

Lil Pump released his first self-titled album/project in 2017 which was received well by fans and critics alike. 


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