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Luther College CHIPS: Judah & The Lion

Author Name: Matthew Gleaves | CHIPS  

Published On May 11th, 2018

Matthew Gleaves | Chips

Judah & the Lion “took it all back” to the stage at the Student Activity Council’s spring concert on Saturday, May 5 at 7:30 p.m. in Regents Center.

Solo artist Billy Raffoul opened for Judah & the Lion. His set consisted of slow and emotional songs, as well as upbeat pieces where he would play guitar, sing, and stomp beats on a soundboard.

Near the end of his set, Raffoul played a song dedicated to his younger sister, which was accompanied with a collective “aww” from attendees. The crowd anticipated a heartfelt song and they were not disappointed. With his low and gravelly voice, Raffoul asked the world if it is ready for his little sister. Raffoul ended his set with an upbeat piece in which he encouraged the crowd to clap along and move their feet.

As Judah & the Lion’s opening track played, drummer Troy Bruner came out and added to the beat. The stage lights shined and the other members walked onstage singing and dancing along to their first song, a cover of “Booty Werk.” The members then took to their instruments and began their set.

Judah & the Lion’s set was 16 songs with an impromptu song mid-set. Their set included popular tracks like “Take It All Back 2.0,” “Suit and Jacket,” and “Going to Mars(!)” The band also peppered in several covers, most were planned and one was ad lib...