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MN Daily – Review: 2018 homecoming concert was caked with good vibes

Author Name: OCL Editor |  

Published On Oct 10th, 2018

The University of Minnesota was set for an incredible homecoming. Steve Aoki to headline, with Bea Miller in direct support.

Aoki, a prolific music creator and former Verge Campus Tour headliner, is renowned for his touring schedule. Often performing 250 shows a year, Aoki is perhaps the most famous DJ in the world. In 2016, Aoki earned a Guinness world record for "most traveled musician in a year," with a record setting 160 shows in 41 countries.

Bea Miller, a former contestant on X-Factor, is signed to Hollywood Records and released her debut album in 2015, Not an Apology. In early 2017 she started releasing a series of EP's that would eventually become her second studio album, Aurora.

The duo was met with positive reviews by the Minnesota crowd, with Miller's appearance summed up by the MN Daily:

“I don’t usually play in front of, well, peers,” Miller said. “This is dope, you all have so much energy. I appreciate that.”

Her unique energy made the set stellar. The atmosphere felt like a basement show where friends played for each other, rather than being inside TCF Bank Stadium (which, per usual, was awkwardly set up so only a fraction of the space was used).

With organic chit-chat between each song and no unnecessary “put your hands up" moments, the lesser-known of the two artists brought an air of familiarity to her set even though, as she said, most of the concertgoers didn’t know who she was.

Ending with her hit, “like that,” fans were psyched to sing along.

On Aoki's performance:

With deep hitting bass and throbbing electronic pulsing, Steve Aoki exploded onto the stage. He started his set with the go-to opener “Moshi Moshi” (fitting, as that is a typical Japanese greeting).

As mist coated the space between Aoki and his fans, the pink, blue and green visuals blazing on the screen turned the precipitation into confetti. Everyone bobbed their heads and pumped their fists.

“I wish those seats weren’t there. I want to come party with you,” Aoki said. “I can’t help myself.”

And he couldn't. After playing new music, he put on a track and ran into the stands. As Aoki was running up and down the rows, everyone cheered and piled over each other to get a high-five from one of the most-performed artists in the world.

Things really got rowdy when he played his song, “Mayhem." Aoki warned everyone that “this was the turn-up song of the set"; the ground shook with the beat drop.

"Pursuit of Happiness" lulled the crowd slightly into arm-over-shoulder camaraderie. Soon after, "MIC Drop Remix" bounced everyone back to life.

“Minneapolis is amazing. You guys always have so much energy,” Aoki said. “I love coming here.”

Here's to a lot more college shows with Steve Aoki and Bea Miller.