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Student Short Film

Author Name: Diamonic Holmes  

Published On Feb 8th, 2019

I created a series of short films over winter break, things were slower than they are usually during the hectic schedule of the semester. I wanted to do something that expresses a message and that wasn't motivated by any monetary gains or anything of that sort, just pure creativity. I had been thinking for months the kinds of films I wanted to put together, and how I could bring my grand ideas to fruition on a nickle and dime college student budget. I narrowed down the ones that I would actually put into motion, and within a few weeks I recorded 4 short films. Here is one of them, I would like to see what message people get from this short film. There isn't a wrong answer, there isn't a right answer. There is only how it influenced you, what it made you feel, if anything, and what thoughts it provoked? I definitely have a message that I intended for it to send, but that message may work differently for different people. For example, if someone tells you to work hard in life, some people might take that message and go do manual labor and grueling work, some people may go study a subject intensely and never actually lift a thumb, but both of these people received the same initial message. They just interpreted it's meaning differently, and it does not make either person more or less hard working. So I am curious how far the message of the film can transform and transcend different social boundaries, in order to work and be meaningful for anyone who sees it.