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Top 3 Producers To Watch In 2019!

Author Name: Diamonic Holmes  

Published On Feb 7th, 2019

1. Yung Tago

  • He may be behind some of your favorite songs from the past year, he seems to have quickly ascended among the ranks with southern based street rappers in a way similar to how Young Chop became popular with many Chicago rappers when that scene emerged in 2012 and beyond. The tracks he produces tend to have a distinctness that makes it clear the production quality is a bit advanced and something that will bring offers from a bunch of different record labels looking for in-house production talent. His go to producer tag reads "aye that's probably Tago", it's simple and memorable, something that many great producers have used to brand any track they are on, almost as a way of letting listeners know immediately this is a song you want to listen to. I would watch for his expansion to work with an increasing amount of mainstream artists.
2. Kenny Beats
  • Just a pure beast. He has some of the best production value in Hip-Hop right now, and he seems to never stop working. He continues to drop collaboration projects with a number of artists, and it seems that in 2019 he will be gunning to make himself respected among hip-Hop circles the way that producers such as Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, and Southside have been able to. He also may be responsible for launching a number of careers forward in 2019 to a degree, he seems to be extremely lucky or purposeful in his selection of up and coming artists to work with. His tag "Whoa Kenny" lets you know that the song is worth your time, but its kind of surprising that he does not sample South Park whenever Kenny Mccormick dies...yet again.
3. Ike Beatz
  • Who?! He is an extremely understated factor in Lil Uzi Vert's commercial success. You might thank Maaly Raw, you might think TM88, you might think Don Cannon. But Ike Beatz has actually played as much of a role in Uzi's ascension to superstar status as anyone, if not more so. He is beyond the boards for production credits for many of Uzi's top songs and he is the most overlooked somehow. You never hear his name mentioned, he is not brought into Rap Genius, but he is as deserving as anyone based on his rap sheet.  I would keep an eye out for him on Uzi's new project whenever that drops, or whatever new Uzi music we do get in 2019. It is sure to be an expansion and growth upon what we saw from the up and coming producer on 2017's Luv is Rage 2.  Here is one of the many lit Uzi songs you didn't know he produced;